Drag Racer V3 Hacked

Drag racer v3 hacked is an upgraded version of Drag racer. They were developed by Adam Telfer.

Before the appearance of drag racer v3, Drag racer had been very famous. The PC version has over 50 million views on newgrounds and has a huge active user-base.

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At that time, Drag racer was very popular and had many options.

Drag Racer: Flash Game was released in 2003. It was launched on Newgrounds, where it currently has 50 million users, making it one of the top 10 flash games of all times according to flash games site newgrounds.com. After that, Drag racer v2 was launched and featured on newgrounds.com for 2 years. In 2004, Drag racer v3 was launched on Newgrounds and featured for 1 year.

Soon, all three versions of Drag racer attract so much attention.


Drag Racer: Perfect Run Drag Racer Perfect Run was the first Drag Racer game to be ported onto the iOS platform by XMG Studio.Drag Racer: ProTuner Drag Racer: ProTuner Pro Tuner was first released on iOS in December 2009.Drag Racer: World Drag Racer World is the 4th entry in the Drag Racer series since it was first developed for iOS in 2009.


As you see, most of the Drag racer games are developed for iOS. However, the version for PC is also very popular.

The Drag racer flash game could easily reach 50 million players, which show you how attractive it is.

Drag racer is so attractive like that. Drag racer v3 is the second time upgraded version of Drag racer, so of course, to compare with Drag racer it has lots of improved features. Therefore, Drag racer v3 must be more attractive than Drag racer.

Let’s find out what is its attractive features!

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