Drag Racer

Drag racer isa very exciting game which is suitable for people who is fond of cars and speed.

Drag racer is a series of games that were developed by Adam Telfer, who started designing this Flash game at the age of 14. The game was first release in 2003 as a partnership with XMG Studio.

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Drag Racer is a series of racing games that allows users to create and customize cars and race them on a drag racing strip. The core game-play in Drag Racer is quite simple. Players purchase cars that they customize, upgrade, tune and then race opponents in an effort to win credits that allows them to upgrade existing cars or buy new ones.

Until now, the PC version has reached 50 million views.


The controls are intuitive (just a gas pedal and gear shifter) but the races are exhilarating and challenging. The players can manually tune their cars for better performance by reducing the weight, adding nitrous oxide, enhancing the engine, computer, drivetrain, exhaust and induction or upgrading the ignition and more.

Additionally, the player can choose from a near endless number of customization options, ranging from simple paint (the colors are in RGB), to editing the outside parts (like rims, spoilers etc.), adding decals and finishing the look with the integration of a picture of you own.


If you are interested in cars or speed, you can lose your mind in this game. The controls are very simple, but the choices are various, the races are so exciting that it can blow you away.

Furthermore, by playing this game, you can get a lot of information about cars. There are many expensive, high-speed cars in the game. In addition, you can know about their technical information, which somehow can help you in real life.

So, why don’t you try Drag racer now, RACERS?

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