Drag Racer

You are fond of car? You are interested in high speed? You have a passion for X-games? You like watching races? You are a crazy racer? You usually read car magazines?

And now all of the people who answer “YES” have a wonderful game that can satisfy them. Drag racer v3 is here for all of you!!!

Click here to play Drag Racer V3


About the game

In Drag racer v3, you can any car you like, see how it performs, do anything with your cars. The most exciting is racing with your car!


When racing, you must play as a pro, not to destroy your car. If you drive so fast, the temperature of the car will increase, which can make the engine break down. So, be careful with your beautiful car!

Besides, the cars need maintenance usually, so you have to always take care of them. Check the parts of the car regularly.



Drag racer v3 is an exciting game but it is easy to control.

– Use mouse to do most of the activities such as buying car, going to the garage, racing, ….

– Press and hold space bar to start racing and to control the speed of your car on the road.

– When racing, use arrow keys to gear up or gear down the shifter

– Press N key for nitrous oxide

– NOTES: you must gear up the shifter when speed up, otherwise, your car engine will break down

Let’s try Drag racer v3 now to see how exciting it is, to experience high speed races!!!

Drag Racer V3